10 shady garden corner ideas to love – and two to avoid!

How to make a shady corner work for your garden. Find out the pros and cons of using the space for a shed, , or more.

Do you have a forgotten garden corner? Does your eye glide over it, because you’ve been meaning to sort it out for months? Or even years?

Maybe it’s turned into a dumping ground? Or just one or two large gloomy shrubs just sit there, adding nothing to the garden’s joy?

I have one of those garden corners. I no longer notice that there is a pile of old wood, an upturned table, a chicken wire incinerator, a pile of weeds, some upturned pots…you get the picture.

There was a pergola in this corner, almost completely concealed by an overgrown Kiftsgate rose and a mix of other climbers. However, due to a misunderstanding with a man with a chain saw, all the climbers were cut down. Find out how that happened here, if you want to be reminded of the importance of good communication in .

Mr. Middlesize says he needs a storage area in the garden. So the bare terrace left after the pergola collapsed has been colonised by stuff. My garden designer friends point out that a cluttered, storage area should not be the first thing you see when you step onto the upper . Our garden corner may be forgotten, but it is far from hidden.

The first step towards turning this into a delightful and useful part of the garden is to make a list of the options.

The top 10 options to transform a forgotten garden corner

I’ll go into the pros and cons of each further down the post.

  1. A garden shed
  2. A pergola or gazebo
  3. A seating area or table and chairs
  4. A fireplace
  5. A sculpture
  6. A border
  7. A tree
  8. A greenhouse
  9. A heap
  10. A wildlife corner

Put a shed in the corner

I’ve looked back over the pictures I’ve taken of gardens over the past seven years. If you have a small or middle-sized garden, then ‘shed’ is definitely the most popular option for a corner of the garden.

I would love a grand garden shed – or at least something creative and wonderful.

The Potting shed

This shed was adapted from an old swimming pool changing room by Charlotte Molesworth. It’s in a wonderful, topiary-based garden in Kent. You can stay overnight in the garden in The Potting Shed.

But as we already have a potting shed and a tool shed,  I don’t need another shed. Nor can we afford to buy an unnecessary shed.


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