5 Essentials for Designing Your Living Room

Due to the importance of the living room, there should be a special focus on this area during the entire home decorating project. Below are five key essential tips for designing a successful living room.

1. Clear the Circulation in Your Living Room Space

In any home plan, whether it is an apartment or single-family home, a person either enters an “entrance lobby” or directly into the living room.  The living room usually leads to other spaces such as the , bedrooms, staircase, patios, study rooms, family rooms, etc.

One important consideration in designing the furniture layout for your living room is to keep the circulation of the area unobstructed. This can be easily achieved by creating a sample furniture layout on paper first then arranging the furniture according to the design layout.

2. Create Visual Balance

Create a good visual balance between used and unused spaces. By used space, we mean the area of the room that is occupied with furniture or other items.  It is not necessary to fill every corner of the living room with furniture; instead, keep to a minimum to ensure good circulation in this area.

Since the entrance of the home is usually through the living room, allow a buffer space to transport heavy furniture pieces that will be placed in the bedrooms or other areas of the home such as double beds, wardrobes, etc.  When designing your home, it is best to consider all areas of your home, not just the living room.

3. Prepare for Future Emergency Occupancy

Make sure that your living room includes a plan to accommodate future events or unexpected situations.  For example, if you throw a party and invite several people to your home, what will you need to do to allow for extra occupancy?  How will you arrange the space, seating and other areas of your living room so that there is enough space for everyone?  Will you move your dining chairs in the living room or will people stand or sit on the ground? Whatever you decide, make sure that you plan for the future.

4. Increase Ventilation

If your living room is large with high ceilings, consider ventilating this space naturally and/or artificially.  If you are planning to use fans, consider hanging them from the ceiling or mounting them to the walls.  A large space can provide an opportunity for creating a spacious and welcoming environment.

5. Have a Warm and Welcoming

As a general rule, always keep your living room charming by using bright colors that are welcoming.  The living room is usually the first space you will see when you enter your home, so make it a point to use inspiring colors and a touch of beauty.

The use of indoor flowering at the base of the window is also a great way to add interest to the living room.

We hope this article has helped generate some ideas and creative ways for designing your living room.

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