5 top garden tips for guaranteed gardening success…

The 5 top garden tips you need to know, whatever your climate. Whether you’re new to gardening or just want some inspiration, these will help you!

I’ve distilled my top garden tips from my interviews with brilliant professional gardeners over the years. Often they have had very different gardens, styles and even different ways of saying things, but these points are universal.

And I’ve also asked a gardening expert from the US for her top garden tips, too. Erin runs the delightful Impatient Gardener YouTube channel and blog. She is based in Wisconsin. Her winters are much colder than ours in the UK, but we grow many of the same plants. For example, her post about how to choose dahlias features several dahlias I love in my own garden.

US gardening Zones are the most widely understood way of identifying garden climates around the world. South East England roughly equates to a Zone 9. That means we rarely go below minus 6 Celsius (21F). Erin gardens in Zone 5, where winters go down to minus 28 C/ minus 20 F! Her summers are a little hotter than ours, too. So these top garden tips apply across a wide range of climates.

Plus we’ve also identified the top 5 gardening mistakes to avoid, which you can see here:

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