Raised Bed Trellis Ideas For Saving Space

DIY trellises are a great idea for any garden, especially since they’re so customizable. You can make one with just a couple of stakes and some chicken wire. Alternately, you can go all out and build one out of wood. The choice is up to you… we’re just here to give you the information you need!

So let’s start with one of the most basic questions: why you need one of these in the first place. We’ll then discuss a variety of different types of trellis that are out there, as well as some helpful hints on how to DIY some of them.

Why Do You Need A Raised Bed Trellis?

Raised bed trellis
A raised bed trellis is needed for good plant support. Source: Rachel Black

The best thing about a trellis is that it maximizes space. Your plants are no longer limited to the horizontal space in the raised bed. They can now grow up! You’ll be able to grow more produce and use it to create a beautifully aesthetic garden.

You’ll need a trellis for the typical vining plants, such as beans, peas, and tomatoes. There are also lots of plants that often grow on the ground but are great climbers, such as cucumbers, winter squash, and even pumpkins. Some other plants like peppers and raspberries aren’t climbers but grow well with support.

One more plus of trellis gardening is that harvesting will be a cinch. Instead of having to bend over, most of the produce will be at your level.

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